Welcome to our new resource site for our neighbourhood! We are keen to support the community come together to celebrate the good stuff, work through the tough stuff, have fun and stay in the know.

We’ve created this website with neighbours in mind. Whether you’re in the process of moving to Bluewater (or Bowen!) or have lived here 30 years, we hope that you find it helpful. 🙂

Within this site you will find 5 sections:

Our intent is for this to be a one-stop shop on what’s going in our ‘hood.

Community Calendar: Our calendar includes events that are happening in Bluewater, popular events around the island, and muni meetings (especially if they are relevant!). To add your garage sale, block party or bbq, just drop us a note, and we’ll add it!

Bluewater Blog: Our blog was created to share what’s going on in the community. Check it out to learn more about local initiatives, highlights from muni meetings and more.

This website is a work in process, and by no means are we dead set on the format. If you have feedback, suggestions and/or interest in getting involved, please do let us know! 🙂

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